Behind the Scenes

Rusty and Vern have been singing their sad song for ages, long before they became the viral music sensation they are today. Long before even Robert Johnson stood at the crossroads. But it wasn’t until a few years back that a team of compassionate souls took it upon themselves not only to listen to what these balls had to say but also to amplify their message for all the world to hear. Now it’s your turn.

Creative Team
Writer: John Lightstone
Art Director: Antonio Marcato, Jon Barco
Jr. Art Director: Brittany Weltner

Music: Big Foote Music & Sound
Executive Producer: Paul Seymour
Arranger: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote
Sound Design: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote
Writer: Chris Jordão, Sherman Foote, John Lightstone
Singer: John Margolis
Harmonica: Mark Grandfield
Guitar: Chris Jordão

Production: T2 Studios
Creative Director: Travis Schlitter
Puppet Construction: Jeremy Casper
Director of Photography: Andy Romero
Puppeteers: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Jon Barco, Antonio Marcato, Jeremy Casper
Motion Design: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Sean McKeon
Animation: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch, Sean McKeon, Joseph Sullivan
Illustration: Brandon Duncan, Adam Buritsch
Editor: Nick Stout, Jon Bazata
3D Modeling: Sean McKeon, Joseph Sullivan
3D Tracking: Sean McKeon
Smoke Artist: Nick Balda
Executive Producer: Teri Rogers, Ethan Downing
Assistant Producer: Reid Bangert
Production Assistant: Steven Bartkoski
Grip: Matt Blume
Lead Programmer: Benjamin Vanasse

Special Thanks: Red Rocket Pictures, Tallboy Productions, Jeff Owens, Will Hung, Jason Pelton, Sabrina Fraley,
Luke Partridge, Matt Huntington, Meagan Phillips, Hillary Talltree, Amity File