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“The blues just got bluer.”
~Damon R.

“Why is it every time I forget condoms, this f-ing song gets stuck in my head?”

“Male stupidity never sounded so right on.”
~Peter J.

“There’s the-man’s-got-me-down blues. There’s the-my-girl-left-me-for-another blues. There’s even the-milking-the-cow blues. But nothing, I repeat, nothing comes close to the blue balls blues.”
~Eric G.

“You don’t wanna like it, but you do, which is kinda messed up.”
~Jeff M.

“Sounds like how getting kicked in the nuts feels.”
~Javier T.

“Your eardrums won’t be the only thing ringing.”
~Gregory P.

“A throbbing jolt to the nervous system that strikes deep within your stomach, reverberating throughout every inch of your body, ultimately leaving you breathless.”

“Thanks, Rusty and Vern! We girls love what you’re doing.”
~Marcia M.

“Well rounded and rueful.”
~Reed C.