Rusty and Vern are a pair of balls on a mission. A mission to save mankind from big, bulging problems. Hailed as the rallying cry for any testicle that’s ever suffered from man’s eternal struggle to remember condoms, their debut single has critics buzzing, ladies applauding, and guys singing a different tune. So watch the video, enjoy the melody, but do mind
their message. This is no labor of love for ol’ Rusty and Vern. This, like so many blues greats before them, is the only way they could find release.

“It’s Rusty and Vern here, the boys behind the bittersweet ballad you just heard. Lord knows it’s been a spell since we’ve had a chance to show some proper Southern hospitality, but by all means, make yourself comfy and stay as long as you’d like. We appreciate you dropping down to pay us a visit.”band photo